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Success in Real Estate depends on your Team

After reading an article by John Boe, a keynote speaker, we began to understand why success of any high-performance team is in direct proportion to the number of team players within a group. Team players are self motivated and are driven to perform at a high level to attain team goals so as not to let their teammates down.

In nature there are great examples of teamwork such as geese flying in their v formation. Flying in v formation allows the geese to fly 70 percent further as a group than any individual goose trying to go it alone. When a goose flaps its wings, it creates a partial vacuum effect which benefits the goose directly behind it. Leadership in the formation is shared, taking turns fighting the headwinds while the geese in the rear add their contribution by continuously honking for encouragement to the leaders.

At ERA Central we believe in the synergism created by Teamwork, and the results of our high-performance Team is proof.