EDGE Scholarship for Local Students

More than $76,000 awarded to local students since 2005.

At your ERA Central Realty Group, we are more than just people who sell houses. We are there when your family grows and when the children leave the nest. We are there when your job has relocated you or when you’ve retired. We see you at school functions, public meetings, and social

events. We have families, too, and we are very proud to be a part of your community. We value the family as much as you do and understand first hand that families need to be nurtured as they grow. It is with that in mind that we are pleased to be able to offer the EDGE Scholarship from ERA Central Realty Group.

This scholarship is a way of honoring your family and the families that have supported us over the last two decades. This program annually provides multiple scholarships to college-bound students to support their undergraduate college education at an accredited school.  ERA Central Realty Group is seeking students that have the EDGE – they should be Ethical, Dedicated, Genuine, and Entrepreneurial – thus reflecting the same ideals for which our Realtor professionals are so well known.

To be eligible for the scholarship program for the upcoming academic year, college-bound students from New Jersey must apply during their senior year and have a minimum GPA of 2.5. Home-schooled students are also eligible and are encouraged to apply. The scholarships will be awarded to students who have demonstrated ethical, forward-thinking, results-oriented life and work habits and who take a proactive approach to their own lives and to the life in their communities. Applicants must be planning to pursue a bachelor’s degree. Personal interviews may be required. The children of ERA Central Realty Group associates are not eligible to apply. Scholarships will be presented at the commencement or awards ceremony of the recipient.

To be considered for one of our EDGE Scholarships, you must complete an application (3 pages and typed answers to Scholarship Questions) that must be received between January 1  and March 23, 2023. Applications are available in the high school guidance office or on our website EdgeScholarship.com.

EDGE Scholarship

Applications should be submitted by mail to ERA Central Realty Group, 3379 Route 206, Bordentown, NJ 08505, e-mailed to EDGE@ERAcentral.com, or dropped office in person by the deadline of March 23, 2023.

It is our honor to offer scholarships to the members of our community, our family.

Always there for you,

Philip Angarone
Realtor Associate®
Chairman, EDGE Scholarship Committee

Ann H. Davis
Broker Associate
Chairman Emeritus, EDGE Scholarship Committee

Our EDGE Scholarship Winners

Brooke Kuey – Allentown High School
Olivia Tang – West Windsor Plainsboro North High School
Delia Kline – Manasaquan High School
Melina Sarion – Northern Burlington Regional
Melissa Domen – Allentown High School
Sarah Esmail – Rancocas Valley Regional
Sophia Moret – Howell High School
Arav Raval – Hightstown High School
Hannah Augsback Lamma  – Colts Neck High School
Mary Paskhaver  – West Windsor Plainsboro High School South
Maya Tanikawa – Northern Burlington Regional High School
Kaylee Munster – Allentown High School
Zachary Shafer – Nottingham High School


Ravi Arya, Northern Burlington Regional High School
Madison Cortes, Steinert High School
Charles Vizthum, North Brunswick Township High School
Anthony Surdo, New Egypt High School
Zachary Zawatski, Freehold Township High School


Christopher McLaughlin, Steinert High School
Brenna Stampe, Allentown High School
Lara Lemkin, West Windsor-Plainsboro South High School
Connor Devine, New Egypt High School

Carly Roche, Allentown High School
Erika Golik, Steinert High School
Dominic Esposito, Christian Brothers Academy
Matthew Jacobson, West Windsor Plainsboro High School

Lianna Diaz, Bordentown Regional High School
Courtney Danser, Steinert High School
Damon Tito, Manasquan High School
Allison Wetherell, Notre Dame High School
Ryan Devine, New Egypt High School

Christian Shermin, Hightstown High School
Daniel Midgett, New Egypt High School
Morgan Gravatt, Allentown High School
Hailey Weiss, Northern Burlington Regional High School

Courtney Soden, New Egypt High School
Erika McCormick, Allentown High School
Adam Mitchell Chodes, Northern Burlington Regional High School
Mark Buannic, Howell High School

Kurt Frimel, New Egypt High School
Jason Farkas, Bordentown Regional High School
Hannah Ainsworth, Northern Burlington Regional School
Raza Asghar, Colts Neck High School

Danielle Grasso, New Egypt High School
Erica Mahnkopf, Allentown High School

Anthony Tucker, New Egypt High School
Emily Nalbone, Allentown High School
Jennifer Bognar, Bordentown Regional High School
Kara Capasso, Shawnee High School

Victoria Hurley, New Egypt High School
Laura Malinoski, Rancocas Valley Regional High School
Angela Casaleno, Cherokee High School

Michael Girandola, Allentown High School
Joseph Gallo, Hamilton High West
Albertine Shain, Bordentown Regional High School
Michele Dey, New Egypt High School
Jacquilyn Oschell, Rancocas Valley Regional High School

Anthony Waller, New Egypt High School
Terrance Scotton, Burlington Township High School
Jennifer Bhiro, Northern Burlington Regional High School
Robert Michael Pletcher, Rancocas Valley High School
Faaiza Butt, Bordentown Regional High School

Shaun Strausman, Hightstown High School
Deborah Wu, Hamilton West High School
Brittany English, Robbinsville High School
Michelle Malloy, New Egypt High School
Joelle Tolifero, Florence High School
Laura Weller, Bordentown Regional High School
Amanda Leggio, Rancocas Valley High School

Christina Pettola, Lawrence High School
Matthew Cortland, Cherokee High School
Ran Fan, Cherry Hill East High School
Alyssa Ingling, Allentown High School
Candace Stone, Trenton Central High School
Elizabeth Kimport, Rancocas Valley High School

Christine Beal, Allentown High School
Sara Messinger, New Egypt High School
Jenna Vaccaro, Allentown High School

Kenneth Beal, Allentown High School
Todd McGonigal, Jr., Bordentown Regional High School
Leon Malloy, New Egypt High School