REfreshSellers February 2, 2023

Top 5 Pre Sale Improvements to Make

Move-in ready homes sell faster and for top dollar. Every home, no matter the
age or condition, will benefit from a few pre-listing updates.

1. Deep Cleaning and Decluttering
A clean, decluttered home helps prospective buyers see
themselves in the home. These simple tasks add to your
sellers’ bottom line. Pass them up and you can be leaving
thousands of dollars on the table!

2. Landscaping and Curb Appeal
Make your sellers’ house the prettiest on the block! Rake
up leaves and debris, mow the lawn, make sure the
entryway looks fresh, declutter beds, and put down new

3. Interior Paint
Even homes that have been maintained very well usually
need a fresh coat of paint, and the right paint color can
actually help homes feel larger. Neutral paint colors help a
home appear light and airy.

4. Replace and/or Refinish Flooring
Floors take a beating. Hardwoods are always in style, so
installing new ones or refinishing existing ones pays off.
Putting down new carpet or LVT goes a long way in
refreshing the home as well.

5. Kitchen and Bathroom upgrades
An outdated or dysfunctional kitchen can be an immediate
turn-off for buyers and decrease the value of the home
significantly. Ensure all appliances are functioning and
updated with modern finishes.

Bathrooms, and specifically, the master bathroom, is the
second most frustrating room to renovate while living in a
home. With self-care steadily rising in importance since
around 2015, bathroom design has become an important
element for buyers. Popular bathroom trends favored by
today’s buyers include free-standing tubs, furniture-style
vanities, and modern paint colors, flooring, and hardware.