BuyersSellers March 12, 2020

Pearl Certification for High Performance Upgrades

Not All Homes are Created Equal

ERA Central Realty agents are leaders in the real estate industry and together, with Pearl Certification, we’re raising the bar on selling high-performing homes. Every day homeowners are faced with decisions on home improvement, and a key factor in their purchasing decision is: will this add value to my listing? Based on studies across the country, we believe YES!

Pearl Certification changes the game for high-performance home value, making it viable today and decades from now to benefit homeowners. Pearl Certification is the standard for homes that go above and beyond to keep you comfortable, healthy and saving energy. A home like that is valuable to you – and to future homebuyers. With Pearl Certification, you get the guidance and tools you need to increase your home’s value and maximize its price when it’s time to refinance or sell.

Pearl helps market your home to identify and showcase the high performing features buyers will pay more for When marketed properly, Pearl Certified homes sell on average for 5% more NAR supports Pearl through its Reach Technology Accelerator Participate in an appraisal study and build a reputation of community leadership Pearl’s partners include Energy Star, the Appraisal Institute, and U.S. Department of Energy With Pearl your home will outshine the competition. To learn more and get started contact an ERA Central agent today.

“Home Performance” Has Come of Age

Studies from across the U.S. show certified high-performing, energy efficient homes sell for more and sell faster.  Pearl’s 3rd party certification highlights the home’s high-performing features to enhance buyer confidence and help ensure a favorable appraisal. “Pearl Certification can be especially helpful making sure that more efficient heating and cooling systems, more robust insulation, and other improvements such as rooftop solar systems will, over time, yield higher sale prices.” – Sandra Adomatis, nationally recognized appraiser trainer and speaker, and author of Residential Green Valuation Tools for the Appraisal Institute

Experience the value of Pearl Certification and contact us to learn more about this program. #TrustedAdvisor